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By Professor Dr. Wolfgang Mauermayer (auth.)

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Chapter B Instruments and Their Care 32 a u b d e f g The Ultrasonic Lithotrite 33 Fig. 26. Frontal view of probe for use with the Urat apparatus. In the center may be seen the core of the high tension coaxial cable surrounded by a dark insulating ring. This is coaxially surrounded by the tubular second electrode, which in turn is protected on the exterior by an insulating sheath. Spark discharge between the central and ring electrodes gives rise to pressure waves which shatter the calculus c) The Urat-I-Lithotrite The instrument consists chiefly of a generator providing short bursts of high tension electricity.

15. Drainage of irrigation fluid by outlet port and central cock. In the example shown here a rubber bulb (Ellik-pattern) forms an integral part of the drain pathway, thus allowing better extraction of resection chips. The latter are collected by a sieve hooked over the side of a 10-liter collecting bucket. Graduations on this bucket aid in the estimation of blood loss 20 a b c d c Chapter B Instruments and Their Care The Electrotome 21 viewing telescope of the electrotome. Under direct vision it is always possible to surmount the obstacle of a ventrally protruding middle lobe.

D Stone punch sheath with attached Ellik evacuator. In place of a directly attached evacuator (illustrated), a rubber bulb along the course of the drain hose (see Fig. 15) may also be used for aspirating debris. e Punch sheath without operating unit. f Operating unit with Urat probe in situ. The operating channel is of 10 Ch diameter. g Urat operating unit inserted in the punch sheath. Such a combination allows a preliminary attack on a large calculus, followed by its definitive destruction by the punch unit 34 Chapter B Instruments and Their Care Fig.

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