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By David A. McIntee

ISBN-10: 0563405805

ISBN-13: 9780563405801

When the health practitioner and Jo are clear of Earth the Brigadier is faced with open battle at the streets of england. He and UNIT need to depend on an outdated adversary to aid them shop Earth.

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Grant gave him a knowing look. ‘Your turn to have some fun. Get Ken to assemble a little group of men we can trust. ’ Barron grinned. ‘Mr Magister decided to give them what for? Great! ’ It didn’t actually matter. As long as it was fun, Barron would take on anybody. ‘Some Glaswegians from the 69 Krew. Apparently they’ve carved themselves out a little patch at Hounslow. They’re the ones Sully talked about who killed our security guards. ’ ‘The usual lock-up. ’ George Boucher didn’t see much evidence of trouble when he strolled into the Dog and Ferret.

Mike could make out Valentine in the passenger seat, with another man driving. The newcomer who emerged from the Range Rover was in his late thirties and obviously still fit. He looked as if he’d been a sportsman in his younger days and had kept in shape. There was only a touch of grey starting to show at his temples. From the back seat, a woman emerged. Dressed in eminently sensible trousers and sweater, with a belted jacket, she was around the same age as the man. She had shoulder-length dark hair and striking features that looked as if they could become quite intimidating.

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