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By Nicole Galland

ISBN-10: 006084180X

ISBN-13: 9780060841805

within the yr 1202, tens of hundreds of thousands of crusaders assemble in Venice, getting ready to embark for Jerusalem to unfastened the Holy urban from Muslim rule. between them is a lowly vagabond Briton, rescued from damnation via a pious knight who burns with zealous fireplace for his or her sacred project. and they set sail, in addition to devoted companions—and with a stunning, mysterious Arab ''princess'' whom the vagabond liberates from a brutish service provider. however the divine mild guiding their ''righteous'' crusade quickly darkens because the challenge sinks ever deeper into disaster, shame, and ethical turpitude—as Christians homicide Christians within the Adriatic port urban of Zara, tragic occasions are set in movement that may finally bring about the stunning and shameful fall of Constantinople.

Impeccably researched and wonderfully informed, Nicole Galland's Crossed is a gorgeous story of the disastrous Fourth Crusade—and of the hopeful, courageous, and pushed who have been stuck up in and irrevocably replaced by means of a corrupted reason and a livid conflict past their comprehension or keep an eye on.

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Liliana gave me a knowing nod. ” “All that matters is that my Englishman is not among the pilgrims. He is not here. ” My throat clenched. “This one task I set for myself, this one attempt at vengeance, this deed for which, should any of my people ever hear of it, they might forgive me my sins perhaps a little, I failed it. ” I made myself shrug, 22 NICOLE GALL AND as if I made these sorts of decisions all the time. “I thought, if God is so perverse as to protect that whoreson, let me at least dispatch one of us quickly.

I straddled him, facing his feet, and untied his own belt, slipping off his purse and knife, and setting them down. With his belt in hand, I stood, rolled him onto his stomach again, and now began to bind his feet with his belt so that they were cinched, behind his back, to his bound hands. In the moonlight, Otto’s face—that part not smeared in street offal—was almost as dark as his red tunic. He began to curse, voicelessly and close to furious tears. He could not collect enough breath to fortify himself for a struggle, and I worked quickly.

Gregor was willing to be deprived of the right of hobnobbing with the noble class he’d married into, willing to remain “with the men,” because this made him more useful to his commander. Boniface had fashioned Gregor’s persona into a hero from a chanson de geste: his loyalty and valor had been rewarded (hence the marriage), and yet he remained the very epitome of the undemanding soldier who wanted only to serve his lord. Because of the association with Boniface, Gregor had high status among all; because he was pitching his tents with the knights, he was adored by them as one of their own.

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